Fees for violations may be collected by check at any time. Contact an HOA Board member for details.

Payment varies per violation. If you have a question about your violation payment, please contact a board member.

To pay your violation fee using PayPal, use the "Pay Now" button below. 


For those wishing to contribute financially to support the Conjurer's Neck community and/or our Homeowners' Association, we now have a PayPal button for your donations. Thank you for your continued support in bettering our community!

To donate using PayPal, use the "Donate" button below.

Dues are collected annually during the month of September with a deadline of October 1. Statements are normally sent out during the end of August or beginning of September.. Dues can be paid online using the PayPal "Pay Now" button below, or by making a check out to Conjurer's Neck HOA and delivering/mailing it to the address listed on your statement (be sure to include your lot number on the Memo line of the check).

To pay using PayPal, use the "Pay Now" button below (please note: Your "shipping address" will be requested for the sole purpose of confirming the dues payment for your property).

Dues are currently $155.