In Conjurer's Neck, there is a process that must occur before homeowners list their home for sale. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must be contacted to complete a home inspection and the homeowner must correct any violations (if any) that are found by the ACC. The current homeowner must resolve any overdue annual dues payments (dues and late fees must be submitted before listing home for sale). If any changes, revisions, or other work has been done to the home/property without receiving proper approval (filling out ACC forms and receiving approval prior to making changes), the current homeowner will be held accountable for corrections before the home can be listed for sale. This includes having the current homeowner pay any violations fines, application fees, and correcting any problems which cause the home/property to not be in compliance with our HOA covenants. Revisions needing prior approval include (but are not limited to) changing exterior colors (doors, shutters, etc.), building a shed/fence/deck, cutting down trees, etc. Please consult your disclosure package, view the ACC Home Inspection Checklist on our website, or contact an HOA board member for more information or if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!


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Please note that Homeowners are responsible for cleaning up their properties and abiding by our covenants rules and restrictions.

Signs:  Any signs on your property are in violation of the covenants. This includes advertising signs and marketing signs (ex: mosquito/terminator signs, lawn fertilizer signs, ads for businesses doing work at your home, etc).

Curb Appeal:  Please keep in mind that we do have a minimal standard for curb appeal.  For example, the home's exterior needs to be clean and maintained; bushes need to be pruned and the lawn mowed;  Your trashcans also need to be stowed.

Landscaping:  The minimum front of home requires $1,500.00 initially in landscaping material (trees, bushes, plants & flowers). Our covenants require all shrubbery (bushes, trees, grasses) to be a minimum of 10 feet from the curb.  All homeowners are expected to keep their property tidy and maintained--this includes the back yards (as explained in the covenants).

Dunston Point Parkway:  We especially encourage homeowners who live on Dunston Point Parkway to be extra vigilant of the appearance of their back yards, as they are exposed to the main road. 


If you are in need of a contractor, the list below has contractors recommended by Conjurer's Neck residents. 

Resident Recommended Contractors List

Please note that this list is a community service provided by the residents and is not endorsed by the Conjurer's Neck HOA Board.

If you would like to add a contractor to the list, or if you would like to remove a contractor that you had previously added to the list, please contact us at ConjurersNeck@gmail.com.




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