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March 14, 2021

Dear Homeowners, 

As we grieve the tragic loss of our HOA President, Robert “Bob" Michael Conklin, we invite you to join us in remembering the incredible impact he had upon our community.
Bob was a hard-working president, fellow homeowner, friendly neighbor, and devoted friend. We will never forget the positive changes and countless improvements he made to Conjurer’s Neck, as well as the generosity and time he poured into making our neighborhood a better place for us all. 

As the heart of our community, Bob would give the shirt off his back to help anyone in need. Much of his hard work was behind the scenes, as he valued bettering the community over personal recognition. He found joy in bringing people together and serving others — whether that meant distributing luminaries for our annual illumination event or picking up litter around the neighborhood.

Our beautiful new front entrance sign, new mailboxes/posts, and new street signs are just a few of the notable projects that Bob accomplished during his time as our HOA President. He also helped implement both the Neighborhood Watch and Block Captain programs into our neighborhood. His leadership and loyalty to Conjurer’s Neck will never be forgotten.
If you would like to read Bob's obituary, please click the following link:

We appreciate your patience during this time of bereavement and adjustment.



In Conjurer's Neck, there is a process that must occur before homeowners list their home for sale. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must be contacted to complete a home inspection and the homeowner must correct any violations (if any) that are found by the ACC. The current homeowner must resolve any overdue annual dues payments (dues and late fees must be submitted before listing home for sale). If any changes, revisions, or other work has been done to the home/property without receiving proper approval (filling out ACC forms and receiving approval prior to making changes), the current homeowner will be held accountable for corrections before the home can be listed for sale. This includes having the current homeowner pay any violations fines, application fees, and correcting any problems which cause the home/property to not be in compliance with our HOA covenants. Revisions needing prior approval include (but are not limited to) changing exterior colors (doors, shutters, etc.), building a shed/fence/deck, cutting down trees, etc. Please consult your disclosure package, view the ACC Home Inspection Checklist on our website, or contact an HOA board member for more information or if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

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RENTERS: If the house you are renting receives correspondence from the HOA, please pass it on to the owner as soon as possible.

OWNERS: It is the Homeowners (owners of the home) responsibility to tell their renters what to do in accordance to the covenant rules and regulations (ex: cutting the lawn, curb appeal, trimming bushes, exterior maintenance, etc.) and for maintenance of the property. Homeowners must provide the HOA Board with their current address/phone/contact information if renting out their Conjurer's Neck home.  In addition, Conjurer's Neck homeowners must also let us know any time there is a change regarding the rental. You can email us at ConjurersNeck@gmail.com or send us a message by clicking here.

Mailbox Cleaning – Please respond by July 17

As a service at no cost to our homeowners, the HOA is planning to clean mailboxes and street signs.  Nate's Pressure Washing will be performing this service.      
Your permission is needed to clean your mailbox.  If you would like this service, please send your home address to Blair Martin at: mrsrbmartin@yahoo.com.by July 17th.   You will be contacted when the service will take place.

No response will indicate you do not wish to have your mailbox cleaned.

Please feel free to contact Blair if you have any questions or concerns.

Blair Martin
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